Innovative Theology, Rooted Design

Christian community stretches beyond time and space. In the study of historical Christianity, ancient voices call us out of our circumstance and invite us to explore different perspectives. As we listen to these ancient voices, we find that our 21st century problems with mental health are not new or unique. Through history, we find fellow companions in the way trying and sometimes struggling to live as disciples of Jesus—just like us. As we theologically dialogue with the past, we can honestly engage our mental health challenges of the present with ancient visions of human flourishing. As we explore God’s intention for flourishing, ancient visions of the beauty, hope and wonder of God inspires thoughtful and innovative design.


Thoughts and contextualization about my research, life with mental illness and life as a new mom exploring both of those things.


Theology displayed as visual art is not a new medium. It is my hope to express the richness of God’s beauty through thoughtful, intelligent design.


My research focuses on linking the ancient way of talking about mental illness and how to connect it with modern methods of therapy, like DBT.